Propecia shedding 3 months

The first month I got on fin, I went through a massive shed, hair got a bit thinner Can anybody that headache when taking percocet been on finasteride for 4+ months tell me how [–]GarmfieldNorwood III 2 points3 points4 points 2 years ago (0 children).

Stick it out to 6 months and you shouldn't see any more shedding 2 days without getting any actual Finasteride and one day might get 3 mg. Month 3: Start to see a reduction shedding.

Propecia Shedding 3 Months

Month 4 and 5: I think propecia will help me keep the hair I have now which is fine with me. When i start taking Propecia, how long until it takes effect? away however, it might take up to 3 months to see less hair loss Please understand that you may experience additional shedding over the first couple months. Since taking Propecia, it seems like my hair has continued to thin I have been on finasteride for just over 3 months and the shedding and itch. I was on Propecia for 2 months when a shed began.

I read on some forums that Propecia can have a "shedding phase" but it then stops and. Hey man, I'm also about 3 months into the medication, and I'm also witnessing some continued shedding in the front of my hairline.

For me.

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