Miralax dulcolax and magnesium citrate

Miralax 238g bottle. • (4) Dulcolax (Bisacodyl 5 mg) Laxative type tablets, over the counter. • Magnesium Citrate 10oz.

miralax dulcolax and magnesium citrate

bottle, over the counter. • Gatorade 64 oz. 1 Day Miralax and Gatorade Prep (Magnesium Citrate). We have scheduled bottle of Miralax. 1-box of Dulcolax Laxative Tablets (Only 4 tablets are needed). Purchase Miralax 238g (8.3 oz) and 4 Dulcolax Laxative Pills (Not stool softeners) at the pharmacy (over the counter).

Also (2) 32 oz. Bottles Gatorade (NO RED). PREPARATION FOR COLONOSCOPY WITH MIRALAX MAGNESIUM CITRATE AND. DULCOLAX. You have been scheduled to undergo Colonoscopy. In order. MIRALAX®, GATORADE® PREPARATION ---Split Prep. If you take a medication to thin ITEMS NEEDED: Two Dulcolax® tablets (Attached in envelope) Purchase one 10 oz.

bottle of Magnesium Citrate (NO RED FLAVORS). FOUR DAYS.

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