Macroprolactinoma cabergoline

3. Tumour size is not a predictive factor for the effectiveness of therapy with cabergoline. Key words: macroprolactinoma, cabergoline, therapy evalu‑ ation. An MRI revealed a macroprolactinoma in the motrin pm during pregnancy gland. She was prescribed Cabergoline. However before the macroprolactinoma decreased in size she. Individual serum prolactin levels at baseline and 48 weeks according to final dose in macroprolactinoma patients treated with cabergoline.

The dotted horizontal. Treatment of macroprolactinoma with cabergoline: a study of 85 patients. C. I. Ferrari*, R. Abs†, J. S. Bevan‡, G. Brabant§. E. Ciccarellik, T. Motta¶, M. Mucci. Introduction: Prolactinoma is the most common form of all pituitary tumors, and currently, treatment with cabergoline constitutes first choice therapy for. Twenty-three patients with macroprolactinoma entered this study: 15 patients effect of chronic treatment with cabergoline on PRL levels and clinical picture.

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